To Our Valued Customers and Suppliers:

After six years of selling and installing solar and efficiency products and services, Greenspring Energy LLC has had to close its doors. Our goal was to permanently reduce our customer’s utility bills with high quality solar energy systems and energy saving products at competitive prices.

Founded in 2007, strong incentive programs in Maryland and Pennsylvania helped offset upfront costs of drove our growth and we saw widespread adoption of our product lineup and overall business strategy. We were a healthy and growing company from 2007-2010. Since that time, we have experienced a much more challenging environment.

Difficult market conditions, key suppliers leaving the US market , significantly reduced or eliminated incentive programs in both PA and MD, new competition, weaker demand, and new financing models, all have had a negative impact. The economy has been weak and demand this winter was the slowest we have seen in five years.

We have tried very hard to avoid this step, but substantial personal investments into the business, cost cutting, layoffs, an attempted shift to more commercial opportunities, and other changes have not been enough to turn the business around. Ultimately, we were not able to meet our creditors payback terms and we had to shut our doors.

For customers who need service, please see service and maintenance options below:


Solar Electric Systems - A.M.P. Electric - Chad Perkins - 443-466-1626

Solar Hot Water Systems - M.A. Funk Plumbing - Mike Funk - 410-804-7206

Generators - Clinton Electric - Jeff Katz - 410-453-9800


Solar Electric Systems / Solar Hot Water Systems - All Good Energy - Steve Peebles - 484-663-3792

Generators - Hawke Electric - Kevin Hawke - 610-941-5300

SREC Customers - Greenspring Energy LLC is no longer an active SREC aggregator. PJM, who manages the regional electric grid and SREC processing, has deactivated Greenspring Energy LLC.

Schuco Solar Customers - Schuco suddenly exited the US solar market in October of 2012. Their US website has no information on honoring solar warranties but contact information is listed:

Bosch Solar left the US solar market in 2014

Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters have a technical support line and regional service providers that can be accessed by clicking here: